A deeper liver cleanse!

Day 5 of the  Super Blend Me! Challenge. and I feel I've turned a corner! My severe man flu has subsided. And I feel a lot better. I feel energised, happy, relaxed, and at the minute, NOT hungry.. However I feel a dull pain in my liver area. Much like I did at the turn of the … Continue reading A deeper liver cleanse!


Alcohol free, week 10 body composition stats…

10 week body composition stats. You can see how quitting alcohol has directly correlated with an improvement in all the key body stats. As I've said before, not radical, but steady. I believe a steady, gradual improvement is healthier and more sustainable than a sudden one. If you read 8 week stats blog, 2 weeks … Continue reading Alcohol free, week 10 body composition stats…

Tanita Bc1000 Body Composition Scales

I love these scales. But i can see that many people wouldn't. Unless well educated in advance of course. Tanita BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor with ANT+ Wireless Data Transmission These scales give a full body composition measurement report. Using advanced Bioelectric Impedence Technology, they convert minute electrical impulses and resistance in the body, through an … Continue reading Tanita Bc1000 Body Composition Scales

8 weeks alcohol free! Results so far….

Well, this is the end of what i will call, Phase 1 I've done 8 weeks of sober living. It's the longest I've ever done without alcohol since i was 16 years old. This year, I've adopted a new lifestyle, of focusing on health and wellness, and exercising in the mornings. Keeping a track of … Continue reading 8 weeks alcohol free! Results so far….