Crossfit is the answer!

I think I've found it! That missing thing for my health and fitness, that I've been searching for since the start of the year.. I'm more or less forced into morning workouts, due to work constraints and then spending time with Family after work. So I've tried, the gym, on my own at 0600. That … Continue reading Crossfit is the answer!


Insanity day 4! Cardio Recovery.. ..

In the hazy moments of transition from horizontal to a sleepy vertical this morning, one word was ringing around in my head. Insanity. Its the 4th day of the insanity workout and today was cardio recovery. 0500 in the conservatory/makeshift gym floor, trainers on, t-shirt on inside out and ready to go. I've been surprised … Continue reading Insanity day 4! Cardio Recovery.. ..