Self harm, or self preservation!?

Today is been HARD!!! The hardest day yet of the¬†Super Blend Me!¬† Challenge. Today is day 6. And it's Saturday. And not only am i not drinking for the whole year. But I'm now not eating. On a wknd. What pleasure is there left!? The superblend me challenge is a set period of time, 7, … Continue reading Self harm, or self preservation!?

Tanita Bc1000 Body Composition Scales

I love these scales. But i can see that many people wouldn't. Unless well educated in advance of course. Tanita BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor with ANT+ Wireless Data Transmission These scales give a full body composition measurement report. Using advanced Bioelectric Impedence Technology, they convert minute electrical impulses and resistance in the body, through an … Continue reading Tanita Bc1000 Body Composition Scales

8 weeks alcohol free! Results so far….

Well, this is the end of what i will call, Phase 1 I've done 8 weeks of sober living. It's the longest I've ever done without alcohol since i was 16 years old. This year, I've adopted a new lifestyle, of focusing on health and wellness, and exercising in the mornings. Keeping a track of … Continue reading 8 weeks alcohol free! Results so far….