How to lose 10lb in 10 days :)

The super blend challenge is over! Thank god. Its not easy, but the results are outstanding really. The┬áSuper Blend Me! Challenge is a very effective detox designed to restart your body. There is a 7 day, 10 day, 14 day or 21 day challenge you can take on. Needless to say, the longer the time, … Continue reading How to lose 10lb in 10 days ­čÖé


‘The unexpected joy of being sober’

I have just put down my first book of the year. And considering I'm doing the year alcohol free, you won't be surprised to hear that it was called 'The unexpected Joy of being sober' by Catherine Gray The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober: Discovering a happy, healthy, wealthy alcohol-free life To be honest I … Continue reading ‘The unexpected joy of being sober’