The middle way :)

Well, how do I say this? I failed. I didn’t complete the year. I came hurtling off the track... And landed face down in a big dollop of humble pie! Where do I start? It’s been a while since my last blog. So much has happened, or hasn’t happened as it turns out is the case. … Continue reading The middle way 🙂


Insanity day 4! Cardio Recovery.. ..

In the hazy moments of transition from horizontal to a sleepy vertical this morning, one word was ringing around in my head. Insanity. Its the 4th day of the insanity workout and today was cardio recovery. 0500 in the conservatory/makeshift gym floor, trainers on, t-shirt on inside out and ready to go. I've been surprised … Continue reading Insanity day 4! Cardio Recovery.. ..