Happy Birthday Ruth x

Today is my girlfriend Ruth's birthday. She loves birthdays! I think today is a perfect time to give aknowledgment to her for her part in my alcohol free journey. Quite honestly, I would never have done it if it wasn't for her. She made me see things differently. She woke me up. And I'm so … Continue reading Happy Birthday Ruth x


Insanity day 4! Cardio Recovery.. ..

In the hazy moments of transition from horizontal to a sleepy vertical this morning, one word was ringing around in my head. Insanity. Its the 4th day of the insanity workout and today was cardio recovery. 0500 in the conservatory/makeshift gym floor, trainers on, t-shirt on inside out and ready to go. I've been surprised … Continue reading Insanity day 4! Cardio Recovery.. ..

14 weeks sober. How much better can life get!?

Week 14 body composition stats below: So even though there hasn't been any improvement in any areas, this is the most pleasing update for me! That is because I feel like my momentum with diet and exercise has hit a brick wall over the last two weeks. Easter happened, and that brought with it a … Continue reading 14 weeks sober. How much better can life get!?