DIY aids sobriety.

This part of my life is called……. work!

Get up, go to work, come home DIY till 2100, sleep, repeat.. 2 weeks solid. Fried head.

Somehow decided that I am a capable bathroom fitter and DIY specialist. Yes I can throw a tile on a wall, but do I really want to? Not anymore. Next time i’ll Be project managing only.

The house is a sty. A dusty mess of tools, timber off cuts and tile splinters. It feels like I’m making no progress at all. I am of course with every laid tile, but every time I crack a tile, or miscalculate my materials and have to shoot off to the DIY store, I cry a little bit inside.

But at least it takes my mind off having a beer. I literally couldn’t afford the time.

I’ll Be glad when it’s all done. I haven’t had a shower for 5 days. May need to get to the gym in the morning. Just to use the shower!

I am however looking forward to getting normal life back. Eating cooked food, showering, going to the gym etc.

But as ever looking for a lesson in things. Keeping busy is a key to sobriety.

When the mind is occupied then it doesn’t  need sedating. You can’t build a bath end boxingin under alcoholic anaesthetic. Not well anyway.

So next time I have a strong urge for a beer, i’ll Just start ripping a kitchen out somewhere instead :/

Onwards and upwards


7 thoughts on “DIY aids sobriety.

  1. I’m so impressed that you can redo a bathroom. Amazing! I love the tile you picked.
    You’re so right about keeping busy. In the old days, if I was unoccupied around 5:00, I was in trouble. I had to schedule something, even if it was just a long walk.

    Glad to hear you’re doing well! 😀

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      1. I’m free of thoughts of drinking. I know struggle with sugar intake. 😀

        All is well, and I’m looking into how I could help people on a bigger scale, like lead a retreat or something. So I think I’m mainly trying to gather some momentum, at this point.


  2. Good on you for putting in the work. I’m a doer myself. My first sober weekend I spent building a desk for my son. Keeping the hands busy always helps me too. I’ve tired doing enough with my hands while drinking to know the two don’t go well together!

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