The lord and the devil….

Sat here now hanckering

thinking about drinking persistently.

thinking about where and why and how.

thinking about drinking but not drinking now.


Just one last blow out, blow the stresses away.

one simple drink at the end of the day.

But thinking about drinking is really the start

of the downwards spiral into the abyss.


What pain do I feel now, what problem will it solve?

can I not solve it?

can I not evolve?


For the force of this craving is something to behold.

But my mind in the future just will not be told.

I’m ignorant to the moments, that pull mye away

until dealing with the consequences, the very next day.


My mind belittling my mind. The lord and the devil.

They’re sat on my shoulders in some sort of grapple.

if I sit here long enough watching the battle.

Then surely the outcome can only be …….serenity?


or boredom and insanity?

just have a drink and the battle will stop.

Postponed until next time ……

tick tick tick tock….


tick tock tick tock..

The lord does a take down, and pins the devil to the ground.

but the devil is so strong , he continues to pound.

The fight still goes on. But the longer it goes,

the lord has the stamina and by god it shows.


The devil is tired now, the lord is just getting going.

The belt of gratitude is bestowed, on the winner of this showing.

I chose the light this time, I stepped up my game.

And next time it happens, I need to do the same..


Onwards and upwards.





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