Super blend me (take 2)

A year is a long time!

I underestimated it.

But if I can take anything away from the efforts of this year, I can safely say that what we consume, in any form has a direct effect on our mood and our performance. It’s not groundbreaking news I know. But experiencially, it’s useful  knowledge.

One of the bigger challenges of the year, albeit over a shorter period of time. Was the ‘super blend me challenge’. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the rewards however.

So, being fully aware of, and desiring the rewards, i’m Embarking on the 7 day challenge again. Starting tomorrow.

7 days consuming only 3 blends a day. Following Jason Vales plan. Even the fridge looks healthy in anticipation . .  . .


Mall the micro and macro nutrients that the body needs, a reduction in calories, no sugar, no toxins, just pure raw earthly goodness, 3 times a day, for 7 days.

Sounds simple right?

if I remember rightly, it’s definately not!

I’ve reverted recently to eating with convenience, i’m Aware that my sugar intake has spiked. This in turn has been affecting my energy. And this, is the reason I want to press the reset button.

1 week to clear out the toxins, reset the mind and body and kick start a push to a healthy, sensible end to the year.

Right now I feel lethargic, stuffy, slightly irritable and general malaise. And I KNOW that this will all change in a week…

Yes it might be difficult, but it’s only a week to resest and kick in for the final few months of the year..

onwards and upwards 🙂


One thought on “Super blend me (take 2)

  1. Hi Matt,

    excellent news about you doing the Super Blend Me week again. I’ve done the Super Juice Me a few times and yes, it is hard work but you certainly reap the rewards. Hang on in there – you know you can do it. Looking forward to hearing all about it. x

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