Crossfit initiation.. ‘Fran’…

I was dripping with sweat. I felt dizzy, and wobbly. My mind could not think straight, tunnel vision. All I could see was Bars, chalk and bloody hands. I clambered over to the 20kg bar, with 10kg plates on either side, and picked it up for my final 9 reps.

Determined, I front squatted and thrusted it up, trying to keep my form and momentum. My wrists felt like they were going to snap.

I could feel all eyes on me as my dripping focus narrowed on the bar above my head. I dipped my torn, bloody hands into the chalk bucket, took a sharp inhale of breath before jumping up and embracing this whole new contraption of pain, the kipping pull up. My form was horrendous, my grip had gone, but I needed to finish.

9 reps done, I dropped to my knees. ‘Welcome to crossfit!’ I heard the Coach say in my ear.

I had just completed my first ‘Fran’ workout. This is meant to be a short sharp workout, but it took me 11mins to complete. It is 21 thrusters (42.5kg), 21 kipping pull ups, 15 thrusters and kpullups, 9 thrusters and kpullups. As fast as possible.

It hurts!

The flaps of my peeled off callouses just provided enough protection as I jumped on the rower for a ‘cash out’ best effort 500m row.

That did me. I was wiped.

As I led starfish on my back on the gym floor, my heart trying to escape from my chest. I felt a mixture of pain, relief and pride. I had wounds to show for my efforts. I felt like I’d just gone through my official crossfit initiation. And I survived.

All was well and good until the water of the shower hit my hands….. STING!

I’ve spent the last couple of days taking care of my hands. Antiseptic, moisturisers, etc. And now I feel ready for the next session, stronger and fully initiated.




Come on England tonight! Good luck in the semi final!!!




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