Alcohol free England Games!

So England are into the quarter finals! Finally put the penalty hoodoo to rest. Hard to beleive we have NEVER won a World Cup game on penalties. Until Columbia…

The local pub was HEAVING! They were spilling out onto the streets. Heads were bobbing up and down trying to get a line of sight, good enough to at least make out what was happening. And the beers were flowing! 15 minute queues to the bar. And people giving up valuable game watching time in order to get their hands on the nectar!

whats a sunny World Cup England triumph without a few beers!?

I must admit I was gasping! I would have loved a beer. Just one cold beer put in my hand to watch the game with. That would have made the occasion so much better wouldn’t it? Probably not.

I found a decent spot, watched the game intently, still shouted at the screen, still cheered and celebrated with strangers when the goal went in and still got to work on time fresh and happy the next day.

Yes, one beer would have been nice.

But here’s what would’ve happened. I’d have missed half of the game queuing at the bar, I’dve lost my place and had to keep finding a different spot. I would have celebrated and cheered with a bit more intensity than is needed. I would have stayed out drinking. I would have spent a lot more money. I would have felt like shit at work the next day. I would have dehydrated my body with alcohol, for two days.

See what tends to happen is when we watch a game like that, it’s fantastic! Such a great occasion. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and in this case we ultimately came out on top, so you bond with people over the glory. It feels great! And all the while alcohol is there by your side, so you tend to link alcohol to all the drama, in this it was a joyous occasion. But here’s the thing, it was joyous without alcohol. It was fantastic! I still feel happy about the last game and excited about the next. And I’m gonna remember it for my whole life.

The last time I remembered a game of such national importance, pride, unity and joy, Was World Cup Italian 90, when I was 8 years old. Partly cos England haven’t had much to celebrate since then, big partly cos the majority of the big big games over the last 20 years ive been drinking, or drunk!

where is the joy in it!?

Yes someone magically putting one cold beer in my hands during the game, that doesn’t send me on a downwards spiral, would have been nice. But the football was reward enough!

We are at a family/friends BBQ on sat, watching the quarter final.. I’ve no doubt that people will be drinking, and they’ll have a great time (if we win). I won’t be drinking and I’ll have just as good a time, if not better..!


Onwards and upwards!!

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