Crossfit is the answer!

I think I’ve found it!

That missing thing for my health and fitness, that I’ve been searching for since the start of the year..

I’m more or less forced into morning workouts, due to work constraints and then spending time with Family after work.

So I’ve tried, the gym, on my own at 0600. That was ok for a while, but I quickly got bored and demotivated.

I tried morning runs. They’re ok, but I feel like I need to incorporate some weights and resistance training, and running is just, well, running.

I tried insanity… initially I enjoyed it, but it is repetitive, I slowly got bored, and there aren’t any weights. Just body weight, which is fine, for a short while, but again something was missing.

Now, last year I tried crossfit at a local ‘box’ (crossfit lingo for gym). It was extreme. It was hard, sometimes brutally hard. And I thought that was it for me. But again, weekend drinking would limit the quantity and quality of my sessions.

Now I’m in a normal routine at my new job at work. I’ve found a ‘box’ that opens at 0600.

Classes are one hour and mainly consist of a warm up, a skills/strength session, then a ‘WOD’ (workout of the day) at the end.

For me it ticks all the boxes. It is a group session, you train in a friendly atmosphere together, but always have one eye on some competition. The movements are a mixture of Olympic lifts, running, rowing, anything! It high intensity so it really works your cardio and increases your strength and power.

The classes are 3 times a week, though I’m still in the phase of trying to build up to 3 sessions a week, such is the recovery needed for novices hitting it hard, like me.

I’m excited to have a prolonged run at it and see where it takes my fitness and body shape now that I’m not drinking. I imagine I’ll get stronger faster, recover quicker, and not disrupt the routine as much whilst I am alcohol free.

I think what crossfit offers me is that it is always different. You very rarely do two workouts the same. And I don’t have to think about it, just rock up and see what the challenge to overcome is.

Then grind!

Looking forward to seeing the results in a couple of months. 🙂




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