Holding the remote control to your mind.

Ours minds are chaotic.

Have you ever just sat and watched your mind? For a couple of moments, or a couple of weeks? Just detached yourself from the mind and become the observer.

I don’t know about you but my mind is like sitting in front of the television with the remote control and thousands upon thousand of channels, and just flicking through……

Flick, flick, flick.

Sometimes there is something decent on, and you sit and watch for 10 mins, other times you’re browsing again, flick flick flick. Sometimes, it’s loud and chaotic, sometimes it serious, sometimes it’s funny. . .

But what it’s truer than true is that the channel always changes, the programme always gets forgotten and the current programme always seems like its the most important thing in the world at that time. But at the end of the day, it’s just a television set.

And you hold the remote control.

Our minds are like that, they are always on, always active, and they will just default to a channel, or default to flicking mode if you dont take control of it. If you don’t grab the remote and choose what you want to watch, want to focus on.


If we accept this analogy.

Imagine that you have deep hopes and goals for the future, imagine that you want to build something or create something. And the success of this depends on what channels you consistently watch.

‘Where focus goes, energy flows’ – Tony Robbins.

Now imagine you give the remote to a drunk guy every weekend…. He doesn’t know the script, he doesn’t care. Your recorded items list on your sky box, is clogging up with allsorts of crap. Your focus has gone.

So you spend the rest of the week trying to clear out the drunken downloads and channels and get back on track with the focus of the channels that you need to be watching for your goals. If your goal is to build a great garden then your TV list should be full of Alan Titchmarsh and gardens world. Not supercasino and celebrity juice etc.

So you finally get back on track for a moment. And then you hand the remote back to the drunk guy again!!!

The TV is scrambled. Full of different programmes that play out in your mind when you don’t have the presence to hold the remote and consciously decide what you are going to focus on.

We slowly get lost in the TV. And lose our focus, then we complain about what we are seeing.

After 6 months not drinking, I can now look back and say that I feel I’m finally starting to download the programmes that I need. However it took sitting down with a life coach to figure out what it was I wanted, I was so ‘lost’ in the TV. The drunken guy had really messed it up.

I had all sorts of random, minor goals that I was focussing on, none of them connected and none of them inline with my values as a person. And after the first session with the coach my focus was brought onto my big Goal. That goal that’s always been in there, but has been buried in layers of fear, lack of confidence, confusion.

My big goal is to start my own building company. I want to create customisable houses for people. Give people the full range of customisation options on their home, they can thrash them out with our inhouse architect and we go away and build their dream home.

And now I have a focus. It’s alarming how much work you can get through when you are not battling against your mind. I feel like this is the reason I stopped drinking. So I could just take some time out to reach my potential.

Dont get me wrong the TV still defaults to some crazy channels if left to its own devices. I just have to remember to pick up the remote again and get back on track. 🙂


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