Happy Birthday Ruth x

Today is my girlfriend Ruth’s birthday. She loves birthdays!

I think today is a perfect time to give aknowledgment to her for her part in my alcohol free journey.

Quite honestly, I would never have done it if it wasn’t for her. She made me see things differently. She woke me up. And I’m so grateful to her for that.

Ruth barely drinks. And when she does, she does it in a controlled manner. When we met this was the opposite of me and I thought she had the problem!

I was convinced that there was nothing wrong with my drinking and that any arguments or tensions we had were her fault. I wasn’t going to blame the beloved alcohol now was I!? That would mean having to deal with the issue.

My whole drinking life I’ve had close drinking accomplices, people who would be drinking with me. People who would sit with me and moan about all of life’s problems whilst drinking ourselves into another.

Ive never had someone close who just doesn’t drink.

Its a shock to the system.

I look back now and wonder what she ever saw in me. And how she put up with my shit really. But that’s a measure of the girl. She saw through that and saw me and I started to see me through her eyes, and I realised then that drinking was hurting me.

What a gift ❤️

It took some time and it took some resistance. But after the birth of Harrison and seeing all the pain she went through both in the 9months and during a long drawn out labour. All while I just happily got on with my drinking life. Finally the alarm bells in my head got loud enough to take notice of!

So thank you Ruth. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul. For allowing me to see myself through your loving eyes. And for being such a wonderful mummy!


It may have been Ruth’s birthday. But I still had an insanity session to complete this morning. Or two as it turned out. Today was pure cardio and cardio abs. Back to back. Double whammy.

Plus I needed to be finished earlier (Ruth’s morning birthday party), so I was up and at it at 0445… must be mad!

Pure cardio is hard enough, but following that with cardio abs was just ridiculous! My attempt was feeble. I probably completed about 40% of it. I was beat.

There aren’t any regular sit ups. It’s all deep core work, it’s C sit holds and twists. A big glaring light was shone on the fact that MY CORE NEEDS WORK. A lot of work. But that’s ok. That’s what it’s all about! As Sean T says ‘Time to focus, and Go!’

Rest day tomorrow.


Back to Ruth’s birthday. I put on a little early morning birthday party. I didn’t even have time to have a shower and the little man was up. So I brought him downstairs, put his little party hat on and called Ruth down 🙂

Happy birthday Ruth x




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