Insanity day 12 – Cardio power and resistance.

It seems an age ago that I was writing my first insanity blog. And I still haven’t completed the first two weeks yet!

Tomorrow is my final day of the first two weeks. So I’m currently four days behind. This is partly due to my struggle in getting out of bed at 0500 every morning, partly due to a bank holiday and in a small part, I must admit, partly due to fatigue.

I will admit that the high intensity and the high impact is taking a bit of a toll. It’s not unmanageable, but there have been a couple of occasions where my aching joints have crossed my mind during the daily morning mental conflict. My aching limbs providing enough of an excuse to enjoy an extra hour in bed that day, ‘I’m getting older, I need more recovery time’.

Yesterday was ‘an excuse’ morning. I missed the morning session, which was cardio recovery. But I felt guilty about it, so I managed to find a gap of time in the late afternoon/evening to squeeze it in. Encouraged by my own motivation, I was up and at it again this morning. Cardio Power and resistance.

It seemed harder today than the previous two attempts! I felt tired. I felt tight. My limbs were stiff and I was mentally heavy.

Sometimes these are the most rewarding sessions though. I dragged myself through it.

I powered through the power jumps. Pushed round the globe jumps. Completed moving push-ups. And just generally had a really good hard go at it.

I feel great for it!

One thing about getting up and training early in the morning is you have already had a win for the day. You have already completed one of the days big challenges and you gain energy from the momentum you have already started to build. That and a ridiculously good endorphin rush for the start of the work day!

Tomorrow is pure cardio AND cardio abs… then it’s rest day. It will be the first time doing the cardio abs workout and the first time completing two workouts back to back.

Just hope I can drag myself out of bed for it 😉




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