Sunny drinks turn sour.

What a glorious bank holiday weekend it’s been!

The sun showed up for the full weekend, and its the first time, in probably 20 years, that i haven’t craved a drink of alcohol on a weekend like that.

Instead I was out in the garden, baking in the sun whilst mowing my lawn, planting, potting, painting fences etc. Yes it sounds like the days of a retired man. And in some ways I am retired, retired from drinking. 🙂

I felt relaxed, happy and productive all weekend. Rather than anxious, impatient, thirsty and hungover.

Even when visiting a friends garden party on Saturday, I noticed the drinkers. And not only am I now not craving alcohol, but I can clearly see the negative effects in others. I saw people slowly increase their volume, to start to become obnoxious.

The drinks picked up around me like a crescendo, slowly rising and spiralling out of control towards the end of the night.

People were asked to leave. It was a pleasant gathering, that turned unpleasant due to alcohol.

Some relationships have become fractured in the wake of what was just a nice gathering of people enjoying the sun.

It just makes me question what alcohol actually does for anyone. I had a great time not drinking, in fact I know I had a better time because of it. I drove home, slept well and carried on in the garden the next day.

I mentioned in a recent blog that I’ve almost forgotten and taken the sobriety for granted recently. But weekends like this make me remember. I know I would have had a very different wknd with alcohol involved. And very probably for the worst.


Insanity day 7 today. I took yesterday off as it was bank holiday. It was hard but I’ve noticed a slight improvement. Though the real test/sign will be on the weigh in and fit test at the start of week 3.

Roll on day 8 tomorrow 🙂


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