Insanity week 1 complete! :) Sobriety rocks!!

Well that’s 1 down 7 to go!

The first week of insanity is over and I’m proud to report that I have done huffed and puffed my way through every session.

Today was the Plyo session, a repeat of day 2. In fact the remainder of the first four weeks are all repeats now, apart from an add on abs session that is squeezed in every now and then.

This is good cos I now know the moves, I can spend less time excusing myself for a few valuable seconds to watch the demonstrations 🙂 time to just hit it.

Maybe that’s why today’s session was a beast!

I think I sweat out more today than any other day. I was PORING out! Even though I’ve been at it for a week, I still could not keep up with the exercises.

I kinda like that though, if I was on track with it, there’s no room to grow. The level 1 press up drills were again a savage attack on my upper body and I felt like I was going to collapse the whole time I was pushing through them. But, as I said, I couldn’t match the pace, and had to drop to my knees for some of them. And then ski abs were very very disjointed!

But it is only week 1.

And to be honest I did notice a slight improvement from day 2. Or maybe that was wishful thinking!?………..

I’ve been reading a few things on the tinterweb about how insanity is a con and people can get the same results without it.

Firstly, a con!? Anyone who says that hasn’t tried it, that’s all I’ll say there.

And second, yes you can get the same results without it. If you did all the exercises, at the same intensity, for the same length of time, every day, for 8 weeks solid. But why would you!? You wouldn’t.

The idea of the whole program is that it gives you the structure, the surprising amount of motivation and the sense of achievement that most of us are craving from a fitness goal.

That, coupled with a sense of Acknowledgement and community makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Or at least, makes week 1 worthwhile in my case so far.

Sunday brings a well earned rest. Then to do it all again on Monday. 🙂

Enjoy your sunny bank holiday weekend 🙂


If you fancy having a look at the program and hitting it yourself. Have a look here Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio Workout and Fitness DVD Programme.

good luck 😉

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