Insanity Day 5 – Pure Cardio review!

‘Sean T starting to Sweat!’ Me too Sean, me too!

Today was Insanity pure cardio…

Today epitomised the meaning of the word – Insanity!

Again, surprised at the lack of achingness in my limbs but very tired as I woke, I dragged my sorry arse downstairs and flicked open the laptop. I was happy that I’d managed to put my T-Shirt on the right way round today.

I decided that I would step up my own level of commitment in the workout and max it out in the drills, because my body feels ready for it now. So I hit the warm up hard.

It was the same warm up as the Plyo circuit, but it felt a lot longer and harder today. When you step your level up and max it out, the breaks cannot come quick enough.

Through the warm up onto the stretches and feeling great that I feel like I’m going deeper into the stretches. A bit more flexibility in the hip flexors, hamstrings and more rotation in the twists.

Then towards the end of the stretches, Sean T says ‘is anyone else as nervous as me for what’s to come!’ Well I wasn’t until now!

I had an idea, the title gives it away. But it was just that, an idea. The reality of it turned out to be a beautifully evil 15 minutes of deep joyous hell.

There was no breaks.

The workout list was 15 ingeniously crafted Bodyweight exercises, performed at high intensity for a minute each with no rest between sets.

It was a bit of a haze, but I remember doing:

– power jacks

– suicide drills

– football sprints

– frog jumps

– switch kicks

– switch feet

– level 2 drills

etc etc and then finishing up with press up jacks, which are hard enough fresh, let alone at the end of 15 minutes of beasting.

For anyone that doesn’t know what the names of the exercises mean, just imagine different variations of jumping squats, jumping lunges, sprints, high knees, press ups and pain.

I powered through and got to the cool down. The cool down felt amazing!


I’ve wanted to complete the insanity workout for years and years. I’m nearing the end of week one and I feel fantastic for it. I could never have completed even week one if I was still drinking. I would have maybe managed 4 days, then a drink would have ruined all my efforts.

As the year is going on I’m starting to forget how much alcohol had slowed me down, and take this new life for granted. It’s things like doing this training that give me little reminders of how far I’ve come since the turn of the year.

Anyway, time to go and EAT!!! That’s one thing that you don’t have to sacrifice when doing this training. And that suits me fine!


Onwards and upwards!


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