Insanity day 4! Cardio Recovery.. ..

In the hazy moments of transition from horizontal to a sleepy vertical this morning, one word was ringing around in my head. Insanity.

Its the 4th day of the insanity workout and today was cardio recovery. 0500 in the conservatory/makeshift gym floor, trainers on, t-shirt on inside out and ready to go.

I’ve been surprised all week how well I’m feeling in the mornings. When I say well, I mean how my bodily aches are tolerable. But It is getting increasingly difficult to get out of bed and get on with it.

I think the ‘wellness’ is down to the warm ups, stretches and cool downs. I’m allowing myself to properly ease into and out of the workouts.

Yesterday was brutal. Cardio power and resistance. I pored a ridiculous amount of sweat and felt completely drained, so I expected to wake up to a world of bodily pain, but apart from the initial tiredness I was good to go, and looking forward to the cardio recovery session.

Cardio recovery. Was just that. A recovery from the cardio, but nothing else. I was lured into a false sense of peace and security when Sean T was stood there with a yoga mat saying, today we are taking it slow.

Slow does not mean pain free.

What he didn’t explain at the start was that the deep squats, squat and hold, deep lunge pulses and other stress positions were going to burn your muscles so deeply that you nearly shed a tear. πŸ˜…

I can see that the yoga stretches and movements will help the recovery and help to increase flexibility over time. And that was positive, I’m very conscious of how tight I feel around my hip flexors and hamstrings. The workout was hard but I understand the benefits.

This was cardio recovery and it was a recovery from the insane cardio side of things. But I repeat, this is a HARD workout. Only insanity could make a ‘recovery’ and stretching session feel like you’ve just duckwalked for a mile.

Overall, I’m really happy that I’ve completed the first 4 days. I feel lighter already, I feel springier (if that’s a word), I feel more capable in general. I don’t feel as fatigued as I imagined that I would. I’m looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow!

onwards and upwards! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Insanity day 4! Cardio Recovery.. ..

  1. Well done! keep at it. Its not easy committing to that so early each morning, especially when you’re sore and seized up! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻

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      1. God no!! Its hard enough getting out of bed hungover let alone letting Sean T beast you to death every morning! 🀣🀣 Keep it up, you rock πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

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