Insanity day 2 done. Ouch.

For two days in a row, I’ve been up at 0500 and hitting the insanity workout. Today I am feeling it already.

Yesterday was the fit test. It was a sign of things to come. It’s amazing the range of different body weight exercises that can be done to push your heart rate through the roof.

I started the week intending to take it easy. To ease into it slowly and let my body adjust. But Sean T (the coach) has other ideas. I soon found myself pushing just a little bit harder than I intended, trying to get that extra rep here and there.

I was nowhere near Tanya and Chris (the other victims on the video) in any of my stats. And though I wasn’t giving it 100, I was still steady and consistent in each exercise. I have another 5 attempts at the fit test anyway to improve on my results.

Even at 80% effort, yesterday I was wiped out. Have you ever felt like you are burning up behind your eyes and sleeping  at the wheel? I had that going on. I had the opportunity for a 20 minute siesta in the afternoon. That turned into a 2 hour sleep and I woke feeling like I’d ran through a brick wall.

I had some decent food and went to bed, but my mind was racing as I fell asleep. I woke again this morning and though I felt a bit tight around my groin/tops of thighs area. I didn’t feel too bad otherwise. I went downstairs and put the next workout on.

Before I knew it, I was in it. Sean T there motivating, cajoling, supporting, Boom, boom. Sweating. Gasping for breath. And that was the warm up over with! Onto the stretches.

The stretches are tough but really satisfying. It’s like getting into a really hot bath. It hurts a bit at first but feels really good too after a couple of minutes.

Then playtime is over. 30 seconds break and you are off!

You’re jumping, squatting, ski jumping, shooting basketballs, press upping, suicide drills, mountain climbing. Three rounds of 3 mins workouts of various exercises that keep you guessing, keep you interested and keep you sweating.

Then 30 seconds rest and your off again!

Each round getting progressively harder and faster. Then when you think you’ve given everything, there’s a nice little surprise of a bonus 4 exercises without break at the end of the 3rd set. Pushing you through your own mental plateaus of what is possible for you.

Its amazing how Sean T as a coach can motivate you even from the DVD. His narrative is constant and perfectly timed, like he knows the pits of hell you are going through at the very moment and gives the right motivation for it. ‘You can do it, take a rest if you need to, keep pushing, I’m right here with you’ etc.. it really does keep the motivation going all the way through.

After a good, well earned stretch at the end, it’s done. Laptop off, quick tidy up, shower and off to work.

Thats day 2. I feel good. But I’m tightening up as the day progresses. I think the real challenge will come tomorrow morning.

Powering through a workout is one thing fresh, but getting out of bed for it when feeling completely beaten and battered is another.


Roll on tomorrow 🙂


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