Refreshed, renewed and ready to go :)

Ding ding, round 2!

Today is the ‘2nd round’ of the year. I’ve had a good rest in between jobs, I’ve had a great family holiday to Crete (alcohol free of course). And now I’m on my 2nd day of the new job. And I feel very very good.

I feel like I’m starting afresh.

I deliberately switched off over the last few weeks, tried to not think about anything. Like many people, I’m a very task oriented person, always adding things to the ‘to do’ list as quickly as I remove them.

But even a computer can overheat sometimes and just needs unplugging from the mains for a short while. 😜

And on plugging back in I feel refreshed. I feel ready to take on the next phase. Alcohol would have definitely hindered any sort of proper rest and recovery. To be honest when I look back, when have I ever had a proper rest? A proper holiday?

I mean I’ve been off work but have generally used that time to plough more alcohol into the system and overwork my body and mind.

So I’m coming back now to the new daily grind. My goals for the next two weeks are:

– To finish my ebook

– To settle in at work

– To meet up with my life coach and have the 1st session.

– To start my personal performance coaching course.

– To pick the regular blogging back up.


Time to put the gum shield back in and go again 🙂




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