14 weeks sober. How much better can life get!?

Week 14 body composition stats below:


So even though there hasn’t been any improvement in any areas, this is the most pleasing update for me! That is because I feel like my momentum with diet and exercise has hit a brick wall over the last two weeks. Easter happened, and that brought with it a lot of chocolate, fast food and a holiday mentality. I thought I had gone seriously backwards. I felt like i’d gone back to square one, or at least to the early stages of the year.

But it seems that this is my new level of ‘maintenance weight’ and ‘maintenance body fat’ etc. And that is really pleasing!

I just know that if i would have drank alcohol over Easter as I have done historically, then I would be back to square one. Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.


I’m well aware that I haven’t been blogging half as much as usual recently also. Part of the reason is that i’m currently writing an Ebook! ANOTHER THING I NEVER THOUGHT I’D BE DOING AT THE START OF THIS BEER FREE YEAR.

It will be an Ebook of all I’ve learned about being alcohol free in the first 3 months of this journey. It is currently under construction, so stay tuned for your free copy 🙂 I hope to get that completed by the end of this month at the latest. Good times.


So, we are due to go on our first family holiday in 3 days. Going to Crete (greek island) for a week! cant wait. I was really apprehensive when i originally booked it ‘whats the point in going all inclusive if i cant drink!?’, Shocking mentality!

Now i cant wait. I cant wait for the first sober holiday since i was a kid! I feel like a kid when i think about it!

I might be free from drinking alcohol. But I can eat all inclusively!!


I attended a free 2 day introduction to coaching course this weekend. Fantastic! I have attended personal development  training programmes in the past, but usually hungover, and dragging myself through the day until beer’oclock. What was the point!?

But this weekend i was clear headed, I met some amazing people, made some real connections and am completely convinced that coaching is something i want to do in the future.

So i signed up! I have a telephone interview pending soon and then i will start the path of becoming a personal performance coach!


And i definitely wouldn’t be doing if i was still drinking.

Right I guess I must go, i have an Ebook to write! 🙂


Onwards and Upwards!


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