Can wine taste good alcohol free?

So far in the alcohol free year, I’ve stayed away from alcohol free substitutes. I thought it would be too tempting to have a bottle of the thing I’m trying to avoid. It’ll be like teasing myself. A bit like having a lap dance. Pointless.

But lately I was thinking about what I used to like about alcohol. And I used to love a glass of wine, I used to live the rich tastes and the warm feeling as it goes down into my stomach.

So I thought I’d try a bottle of alcohol free wine. And I’m glad I did!

My girlfriend brought back a bottle of this stuff.

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol Free Red Wine 75 cl (Case of 6)

It’s good stuff.

It tastes like wine, it smells like wine. I had to check the bottle of make sure it was AF.

I had the Cabernet Sauvignon, it is fruity and full bodied. And it feels like wine when going down. I wouldn’t have know it was alcohol free unless it was written in the bottle.

I still got the familiar feeling of wanting to sink the whole bottle. But I think that’s a habit that will be hard to kill.

I’m very happy with the discovery. And will definitely get it again.

Highly recommended πŸ™‚


Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol Free Red Wine 75 cl (Case of 6)

4 thoughts on “Can wine taste good alcohol free?

  1. Be careful. Your mind and body will remember that little bit (0.05% abv). I had 1-1/2 near-beers 25 years ago and the craving that came with them was remarkable. That was the last time I ever played around.

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