How to lose 10lb in 10 days :)

The super blend challenge is over!

Thank god.

Its not easy, but the results are outstanding really.

The Super Blend Me! Challenge is a very effective detox designed to restart your body. There is a 7 day, 10 day, 14 day or 21 day challenge you can take on. Needless to say, the longer the time, the greater the benefits.

The author of the book Super Blend Me! , Jason Vale, has designed 3 tasty, nutritious blends per day that replace all meals. The blends are high in plant based proteins so you can still exercise as normal and recover appropriately.

Myself and my girlfriend took on the 10 day challenge. And I’m partly ashamed to say I failed! I was losing TOO MUCH weight. I looked too skinny after 5 days so I had a kebab on Saturday night and then had bits of food inbetween blends until the end. I’m sorry 😦

Thats how effective this is.

My girlfriend had a bit more willpower than me and carried on to the end. Reporting a total of 10lbs lost, a couple of inches off the waist and thighs, and dramatic fat loss. She looks fantastic 🙂

The plan can only work, you are reducing calories per day, you are boosting nutrient intake, you are consuming raw fruits and veg, a high fat content through nut butters and milks etc and you are consuming them to a well designed and well spaced out timing schedule.

On a slight downside, it can be fairly expensive. The sheer amount of high quality foods that you take in don’t come cheap. But that’s not a fault of the plan, more a consequence of the state of affairs of trying to eat healthy.

The other downside, is that it is hard. It’s as much a mental challenge as a physical one. You learn how much food means to you in life and how there is a difference between physical hunger and mental hunger. The book does give tips and pointers for staying the distance, and so I would suggest reading the book the whole way through before you start ( I read it in a day).

Ive done a few different cleanses and fasts etc in the past. And I would go as far to say this is the best, most effective cleanse that I’ve come across. Even though I didn’t fully complete it. I feel fantastic. I feel in flow, full of energy, happy and vibrant. I will definitely schedule in this cleanse in the future. Just maybe the 7day one next time.

The book is easy to read and direct. There are lots of good, useful pointers in there. The blends are of a good variety, they are tasty and they are of course nutritional powerhouses. We will definitely integrate some of the blends into our normal daily living now.

I feel the book has helped to kick start the next level of health and energy and we have a resource of blends we can continue to use going forward. Well done to Jason Vale.

Super Blend Me!

Onwards and upwards 🙂

One thought on “How to lose 10lb in 10 days :)

  1. Great book and great results. The ingredients are very expensive in Week 1. Not all of the recipes are tasty but effective. The 7 day challenge is a good setting stone for a health kick.

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