12 weeks alcohol free – The stats and lessons learned.

12 weeks sober! It feels great to say that!

Its been a bumpy ride but i’m happy I’ve lasted the distance and am more an more confident every day that the year will be completed.

As I’ve done every two weeks of the year so far here is the latest body stat update.. And I’m pleased to say I’ve made big gains this last two weeks in quite a few key stats.


2 week summary

2.3 Kg weight loss, 0.4% Fat loss, body water up, Visceral fat dropped a mark! and inch off the waist and FINALLY a shift off the floor of the metabolic age! down to 49 now 🙂

Overall i’m delighted with my progress.

However as you might have seen in the previous blogs there is a reason for the big improvements and that is the Super Blend Me! Challenge! Basically a Blend cleanse. But the stats show that it does definitely work!

I also feel that may explain the drop on bone density, As i may have consumed less calcium during the week by being on the challenge.

We started on the 10 day challenge and still have three days to go, but i need to get it off my chest and let you in to a little secret. . . . We had a kebab last night! I just NEEDED some food, I was craving meat and just demolished it. Don’t tell Jason Vale. Back on the cleanse now until Wednesday!

3 Month Summary

So after the 3 months of not drinking, eating a fairly respectable diet and following a moderate consistent exercise plan, here’s are some bullet points to summarise the 3 months so far:

  • Weight loss – 7.1KG
  • Fat Loss – 4.7%
  • Waist reduced – 5”
  • Visceral fat down by – 3 markers.
  • Hangovers – 0
  • Headaches – Plenty
  • Lessons learned – Plenty
  • Money raised for charity  – £100
  • Money saved – £1250
  • Salary increase – 20%
  • Promotions – 1
  • Blogs posted – 69
  • Blog views – 1610
  • Blog likes – 652

As i mentioned in there, lessons learned, Plenty. Here are a couple of the key ones so far:

  • Alcohol and sugar are intrinsically linked. When you strip away alcohol, whats left is our addiction to sugar. This is a whole other demon to take on, but with equally positive health benefits.
  • Losing weight and body fat TAKES TIME. There is no sustainable quick fix. Its just a case of lifestyle, diet, exercise, consistency and patience. Yes there are certain things you can do to speed up the process, but sustainable body changes take time.
  • Being alcohol free is like being unplugged from the matrix. You are fully awake! You recognise the mass illusion of reality that people are under and how alcohol plays a massive role.
  • When you wake up into the cold reality of lifes problems, you have to deal with them, and you can deal with them. The challenge is learning to understand and manage our emotional reaction to them, instead of sedating ourselves and running away from the issues.
  • We uncover our true nature. We start to see ourselves for what we are, what our strengths are and what our weaknesses are. What we like and what we don’t like etc
  • There are far less problems in life. Alcohol causes so many problems. Health problems, relationship problems, financial problems. However, the problems that do show up feel raw, because we have to deal with them sober!

So in summary, the year has been a great success overall. There have been the inevitable ups and downs but overall its been very positive. I feel calmer, more capable, more real. I feel clear headed, focused and generally happy.

I see the start of the year like being reborn. Instead of growing inside my mothers belly, i’m stripping away bits that have been weighing me down and not serving me. At the 12 week stage i’m just a fetus, formed and ready to grow and push on to the next level, whatever that may be.

Instead of fearing the rest of the year, i’m actually looking forward to it. 🙂


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