A deeper liver cleanse!

Day 5 of the  Super Blend Me! Challenge. and I feel I’ve turned a corner!

My severe man flu has subsided. And I feel a lot better. I feel energised, happy, relaxed, and at the minute, NOT hungry..

However I feel a dull pain in my liver area. Much like I did at the turn of the year when I first started the beer free year challenge. As blogged about previously in January in Stop it now! A message from an overworked liver.

I feel like my liver is undergoing an even deeper level of cleansing than it’s already had. There’s detoxifying from alcohol. Then there’s detoxifying from sugar, transFats, caffeine, everything else.. It feels like this blend me challenge is definately taking things to a whole new level.

It may be a bit too early to speak but I feel like the hard part is over, my body is slowly adjusting to the new regime. No crap. Just the right macronutrients and plenty of micronutrients to sustain the body. Easily and steadily digested.

I’m looking forward to comparing results at the end of the whole 10 days. But I think I might do a sneaky half way stat update in tomorrow’s blog.

Onwards and upwards 🙂


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