SuperBlend Me challenge – Day4!

Day 4 of the Super Blend Me! challenge.

Ive got to admit here I’m struggling.

I started getting a bit of a head cold or ‘man flu’ around about the start of this challenge. And it seems to be at a peak today. That tied together with missing out on the comfort of warm food is turning out to be a challenge.

I feel weak and achy, I have a blocked nose and a headache. I’m hungry. I’m sure most of my ailments are down to the little bug I’m carrying, but it’s a shame I have done it at a time where I can clearly feel the effects of the blends. Rather than a time that I’m trying to get over a cold.

I’ve had my first proper bowel movement today since I started. I’m normally very regular so I know that is down to the cleanse.

Its a strange feeling of hunger, and headcold, but also I’m definitely feeling mentally sharper. Though my nasal speech isn’t portraying that.

My girlfriend has reported that she has lost 5lbs already and an inch off her waist! So that’s really positive news.

Hoping this cold will shift soon and I can start enjoying the benefits of the challenge.

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