Sober pub night!

Went to the pub last nite to meet friends and watch football.Its the first time this year. The first time since quitting drinking.

It was, surreal.

When I walked in, I felt the familiar warmth, the good atmosphere, it’s smelled like hops and just…. ale. It was a proper ale house, not a fancy wine bar.

As I approached the bar I forgot for a moment and as I was scouting the options and the barmaid approached, through habit I said, ‘can I have a pint of…..’ then ding! I remembered! ‘Lemonade’ I finished.

I felt a tinge of uncomfortableness, my mate ordered a soda water too. ‘£1.91’ she said. I felt for a moment, like a cheapskate and a fraud. Then my senses came back to me and I was over the moon getting £8.19 back from a tenner. It’s normally the other way round!

After a night socialising, laughing and catching up. I left the pub at a decent hour, £1.91 lighter. I felt like I’d actually connected with my mates. It didn’t feel one bit uncomfortable. It felt like we had all evolved.

For me it was a huge step in the development of this year. I noticed that none of my mates were drinking. And we all belly laughed and had a good time.

I could quite easily have had a drink last night. But I didn’t miss it 🙂


Onwards and Upwards 🙂

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