Italian cup of tea, who knew!?

It was Mother’s Day yesterday.

I managed to get us in to an Italian restaurant for some food. Me, Ruth and Harrison.

The restaurant was nice, the walls were surrounded by antipasti, expensive 30yr old balsamic vinegar and wine. Lots and lots of wine. I had the urge.

See I would have liked a glass of red wine, with the meal. The problem is that it is never just a glass of wine. If I was drinking, I’d have ordered a bottle, and ‘justifiably’ drank it before we left. Just because, ‘that’s what we do’.

Then, because I was a bottle of wine in, I would probably have put some sort of liquor as my desert choice. And then picked up a couple more drinks on the way home. Then maybe more.

The bill would have been £25 more expensive, plus another £10 on the way home. I would have gone to bed dehydrated and woke up hung over and struggling through my Monday at work. And my Tuesday, depending on how far Sunday ended up going.

Instead, when the waiter said to me, ‘drinks!?’, time stopped. I felt like, what I was about to say to him, no man alive has ever uttered these words in this or any similar establishment. I shuffled uncomfortably in my seat and said….  ‘ a cup of tea please’.

To my astonishment, he just said, ‘ok, grazzi’!

Who’d’ve thunk it!? He didn’t batter an eyelid.

I enjoyed my food, I got home fine and well, with no expensive diversions, the bill was cheaper than normal, I woke up on Monday fresh as a daisy and went to the gym. And didn’t fall out with my girlfriend or anyone for that matter.

Just seriously makes me think, what’s all the fuss about. Sober life is not only manageable, but ENJOYABLE.

Enjoy your week 🙂




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