Alcohol free, week 10 body composition stats…

10 week body composition stats.

You can see how quitting alcohol has directly correlated with an improvement in all the key body stats. As I’ve said before, not radical, but steady. I believe a steady, gradual improvement is healthier and more sustainable than a sudden one.

If you read 8 week stats blog, 2 weeks ago. You would see that i had hit a plateau, and you can see it in these stats. My strategy for breaking through the plateau was to have a rest. I took a week off training. I also fasted for 3 days/4 nights, no food, just water. This last week i have started my exercise again. 2 strength sessions, 1 sprint session and 1 yoga/stretching session. Again, nothing extreme. but i’m pleased to see an improvement in stats again as below.


My weight has dropped nearly 1 kg, my body fat is ‘just’ under the 25% mark (the healthy range) for the first time in as long as i can remember. total body water increase and a slight increase in muscle mass. Happy with that today.

Still a long way to go to reach my goals but i’m on the right path.

Today it was good to see these results. I have been a bit slack with my diet etc since taking the week rest. and haven’t really got back into full swing yet. This was good to re-motivate myself and i intend to focus more on my goals over the coming weeks, taking into account diet and training methods.


I’ve found it hard this wknd for some reason, I really wanted a beer. I felt like my mental resilience has relaxed and that is a dangerous place to be. I need to remember what this whole alcohol free year is about and reset my resolve. It would be easy to think, ‘oh its ok, i’ve more or less done it now’, the truth is i’m not even a quarter of the way there…. Need to keep the motivation!

Hope you all have a great week!


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