Financial benefits of being sober!

I Got The Job!

Would I have got the job if i was still drinking?

Would I have even gone for the job if i was still drinking?

Would i have had the confidence to step up and take a promotion with a different builder if i was drinking?

I believe NO, NO and NO!

I would still be stuck in the weekly spiral of ups and downs in confidence, competence and emotions. Battling through Monday morning beer fears, spending the whole of Tuesday anxious, coming back around on Wednesday, feeling ok Thursday, back on it on Friday!

Quitting drinking has made me see the light at work and realise that i’m dumbing myself down to fit into my role, i’ve been doing myself an injustice. I cant just coast at work, its not in my make up, i have to grow to be fulfilled.

My sober clarity has made me realise i’m NOT fulfilled and i’m selling myself short. My sober confidence helped me to have no fear when making the decision to leave my old job.

So, less than 3 months after quitting drinking i have managed to increase my income by 20%.

If that’s not a huge benefit and a sign that this ‘beer free year’ is a smart move, I don’t know what is!


Onwards and Upwards! 🙂


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