Reassessment essential :)

Well, I’ve had a week off this week.

I took a bit of time to reassess quite a few things. Also given my body a rest.

But the week off is soon to be over and its time to get back at it. Its another ‘new start’, only this time i wont be starting from scratch. I wont be shedding the dried up, blotchy skin of an alcohol soaked body. I’ll be back in the gym having taken one small step back, ready for a running jump to the next phase.

With the week off training (and eating food for 3 days, as it went) and with a bit of deep thinking, a clearer vision has formed:

  • I need to simplify this blog! get back to basics, the blog is about quitting drinking, not about everything of every day that happens to me….
  • I need to get out of my current job. It’s holding me back, I am not living in my potential and am not being appreciated for what i do, and so i’m moving onwards and upwards. Job interview tomorrow… wish me luck!
  • I have now planned the whole transition from construction into health and wellness. It will take time, potentially a couple of years but at least now its clear and with the clarity comes confidence and peace of mind.


I genuinely do not think i would be doing any sort of crystal clear planning the way that i have done this week if I was still stuck in the drinking cycle. My weekends would not be spent planning and doing, more like arguing and hiding.

It could be easy to take this new state of mind for granted. Like life has always been this peaceful, clear and ‘light’. But as I’ve said in the past, thank god for the blog to cast my eye back over and see how far I’ve come in a couple of months. But also I’ve got to remember to be humble and mindful in my sobriety.

What i mean is that there have been one or two instances when things have happened around me, involving people that i love and alcohol. My initial reaction has been one of huge disapproval, disgust almost. But whilst its easy to take the moral high-ground and turn my nose up, i still have to remember that some people are just stuck in the pattern. And this thought gives me a bit more empathy and compassion. A bit anyway. Not to mention the reinforcement that alcohol causes so may problems for people, its embarrassing.


The week ahead is going to look like this for me:

  • Attend job interview and get the job on satisfying terms.
  • Exercise 5 times
  • Sort blog out and minimise back to former, simple state.
  • Hand notice in at current job.
  • Run fitness class next Sunday with minimum 6 people there.


Hope you have a great week all….



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