Fasting – Day 3 effects…

0530 – Did a morning ‘detox’ yoga sequence (YouTube video). Felt weak. Meditated for 20 mins. Busy mind took a while to settle. Went back to bed for an hour, just resting.

0812 – Snow on the ground. Freezing walking around work. Feeling very cold. Need a warm bowl of porridge or something. Oh wait! 😦 feeling clean, but don’t yet feel fully cleansed. If that makes sense. Looking forward to my meal tonight 🙂

0946 – Feeling good. Feeling clear minded. Feeling calm and content. Feeling like I could do with some food. Just cos it’s so cold and I want a nutritious comfort blanket.

1147 – Still got ringing in my ears. Though not as much. Must see someone about that!

1201 – 66 hours done. 6 more to go 😳

1328 – Still freezing. Ploughing through water. Feel clear headed and content.. ready for food though! But not ‘hunger pangs’, Just satisfaction required.

1548 – Nearly time to finish work. Going to go home and measure my body stats. Then get stuck into some food! I feel sharp. Thinking deeply about a life Plan. Just started doing a mind map. Creative juices flowing… Feeling energised!

1700 – Time to order food!! Juices are flowing. Opted for an Indian takeaway. Salad is out the window because it’s so cold! Need something warming!

1730 – just measured my body composition measurements. Expecting to see weight loss, body fat loss, visceral fat loss. And I’m pretty surprised at the results to be honest. Very surprised actually. Will post tomorrow in a summary, because for now it’s teatime!

Bon appetite!




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