Fasting – day 2 effects

0630 – Really rough night last night. Was awake most of the night. My mind was racing. I felt anxious and unsettled. Had to work through and reframe events in my mind until I eventually slept about 0330 ish.

Feel a bit sick this morning. Just keep thinking that this must be part of the detox. My body is flushing out toxins and I’m feeling it mentally. Another reminder of the mind body connection.

0755 – I have ringing in my ears and a cloudy head. I feel physically hungry in my stomach. Had a few stomach cramps. My eyes are stinging a bit from the tiredness.

I’m surprised at these effects, because I felt like I’ve been ‘healthier’ recently and thought this fast would be a breeze. Not so 😦

0955 – Feeling a bit better. Still feeling weak and lethargic but not as much. Head feels slightly clearer. Drinking green tea. Will attempt bowel movement soon. (Too much information!?)

1127 – No number 2 yet. Just looked at my urine and I was very dehydrated. I drank ALOT of water yesterday. Though not much this morning. More water required!

1433 – Feeling clean. Don’t really know how else to describe it 🙂 headache is minor now. Need more water, feeling thirsty. But not hungry as such.

1702 – Hungry. Noticed I get hungry around meal times. Proves to me that our bodies (or minds) are programmed to get hungry at set times. It’s no conspiracy or anything, but we adapt. However, I know now that my hunger is more mental than physical, and both of them pass.

1842 – 2 days down. One to go. Hoping I’m going to sleep better tonight. Thinking about foods to break the fast with, I keep thinking about munching pizzas and biscuits and burgers. My body seems to be craving fatty sugary foods. Going to try to be disciplined and go for a big salad. Can’t wait!


till tomorrow….

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