Fasting effects – day 1

Today is the 1st day of 3 days not eating at all. Just water. (And the odd green powder/green tea here and there).

I have done a couple of 3/4 day fasts in the past. So I kinda know what to expect. I know the challenge. But ive never done one whilst being alcohol free for months on end. So im interested to see if it feels any different.

I’m aiming to reset this week. To clear my mind, let go of stresses, let go of crap that is not serving me. It’s as much a spiritual cleanse as a physical one and I need to honour and respect that.

Below is today’s timelog diary:

0700 – Woke up thinking about food. Had a pint of water with a little bit of hemp powder in. Is that cheating already? Got to work and immediately started making a coffee as always. After a drawn out internal dialogue opted for a green tea. Feel tired.

0815 – 1st bowel movement. Pretty standard for this time of day. Feeling a bit heavy and sluggish today. Probably because I pigged out on sugary fatty foods yesterday. Just because I knew what was coming. Still, probably a bad idea looking back.

1110 – Hunger pangs. Headache. Feeling a bit depressed and lethargic.. another green tea coming up.

1230 – Work colleague comes in with chicken and chips. Ouch! Stomach aching!

1400 – Headache still, mentally hungry, but physically feel ok. Can you overdose on green tea!?

1506 – Tired, dizzy, compressive headache. My stomach feels warm. Like I’ve just had a warm drink on an empty stomach.

1721 – Came home a couple of hours ago to the beautiful smell of a slow cooked stew. Smelt amazing, could almost taste it. Going through waves of deep depression and determination.

1818 – That’s 24 hours done without eating. It’s been hard. But more mentally hard than anything. I’ve noticed a headache that has been persistent. That smell of stew is stronger than ever and my stomach is rumbling. It will pass though. More water please…

1829 – Forgot to mention earlier. One thing that came up for me was the urge to get a new job. It was very strong. I feel like I need a change/progression as I’m selling myself short at work and not living in my potential every day at work. I’m going to sleep on it, but it’s quite a persistent thought, nearly as persistent as this headache. Maybe they’re linked?

I’m going to read a bit and settle in for the night. So will cut this day short here and pick it back up tomorrow morning.

So far, even though I was ready for what the day would bring. It’s still been very difficult. Hoping to start feeling a bit more refreshed tomorrow…


Till tomorrow ……..



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