8 weeks alcohol free! Results so far….

Well, this is the end of what i will call, Phase 1

I’ve done 8 weeks of sober living. It’s the longest I’ve ever done without alcohol since i was 16 years old. This year, I’ve adopted a new lifestyle, of focusing on health and wellness, and exercising in the mornings. Keeping a track of my diet and closely monitoring my body composition stats.

And now I’ve reached a plateau.Β 

I expected the plateau to be honest. And whilst it feels a bit depressing that the upwards curve of improvement isn’t as radical as i’d have hoped. I can still look back at this year so fair with a bit of pride. Coupled with a renewed sense of determination to push on through the plateau to the next level. After a well deserved rest of course πŸ™‚

So, I’m going to be a bit brave here now, and show you the bodily improvements so far. (try not to puke into your wineglass πŸ™‚







So these pictures are taken every two weeks along with the stats as seen below:


Over an 8 week period, the stats show a body fat reduction of just over 3% and weightloss of just 4Kg. These stats are steady but not mindblowing.

I’m pleased to see the waist measurement reduced by 4cm as the waist measurement is a strong indicator of overall health. The visceral fat is also coming down and that is really positive too.

You can also see the plateau too, the stats have not really improved at all over the last two weeks. And so its time for a break.


Next week i will take a week off training. I will relax and let my body recover, part of my recovery will be a 3 day 4 night water only fast. (future blogs on fasting benefits to follow).

If you worked in an office and your boss just kept on piling tasks and paperwork on you, you would survive. You would prioritise tasks and get the important stuffΒ done, shoving paperwork and tasks in drawers and under your desk in the process and becoming less and less organised and more and more stressed.

This is basically what happens to our bodies. When we fast for sustained periods we give our bodies a chance to get its house in order and become more efficient and refreshed when the holiday is over.

I’m giving my body a couple of days off πŸ™‚ results to follow….

Phase 2

So i ramped up the training this year. I started with a run every few days and maybe 1 gym session a week. Then i stepped it up gradually to eventually this week have exercised almost every day. A mix of running, yoga and hypertrophic functional weight training.

After the break I will be stepping up the weight training and focussing on strength. I will drop down the rep ranges to 3 to 5 reps and increase the sets, weight and rest period. I aim to train a minimum of 5 days a week, including stretching sessions and at least 1 cardio session per week.


I’m happy with how things are going so far. Blogging has become such a useful ‘replacement’ for alcohol. When i was drinking i would go to the gym, but could never implement a phased exercise training plan as i’m hoping to continue achieving this year.

I’m excited about the next phase and if the next two months are anything like the first two I look forward to them!


I want to thank everyone that has been following my blog so far too! Your support and comments help to keep me motivated and on track so thank you and i wish you all the best on your individual journeys.


Onwards and Upwards πŸ™‚




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