Mind/Body tensions.

You know them days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed.

When you feel like your whole body is aching and your mind can’t settle.

Had one of them today.

But I had mentally booked myself in for a ‘YouTube yoga’ session, and so after summoning up all my willpower, I dragged myself up and trunched downstairs at 0530.

I slowly rolled out the mat that reads ‘inhale, exhale, repeat’. I drank a half pint of water and then put on the video. 45 mins of deep stretching yoga with Adrienne (if only my work colleagues could see me now!)

She wasted no time.

Straight into it.

I felt grumpy, I felt resistant, I felt tight all over. My mind was jumping around and getting annoyed with how long she was making me hold these stupid stretches ….. and how happy she was!

I persisted though.

I started to bring my attention to the breath, and deepen each stretch. I followed her advice all the way through and tried to remain conscious, releasing with the outbreath. What I realised and became apparent was that as I released my bodily tensions, my mind started soothing.

Because of the consistency of exercise this year and the lack of good quality stretches, (failure on my part) I know my body is stiff. I’m very inflexible. Physically and maybe mentally too.

The mind and the body is intricately linked. The mind body connection was clear to experience when I felt my anxiety and mental tension melt away with the depth of breath and stretches.

The breath is a bridge between the mind and the body.

This goes in a full loop, the state of the breath, affects the state of the body, affects the state of the mind etc.

I know this and yet a haven’t been sleeping very well recently. I believe it’s because I’m too tense. My physical tension is affecting my mental tension and vice Versa.

So im taking a week off next week.

I’m going to have a week of very light, warming exercise, yoga, breathing and stretches. Just to give my body (and mind) a chance to rest and recover. To try to shine a light on any tensions, physical and mental, and let them go.

Then im gonna up the ante at the gym.

I think after a week off, I’ll bounce forward and hopefully my stats will show that.

Who knows, it’s all just an experiment. An educated experiment no less. But an experiment to prove to myself what works and what doesn’t.

I’m looking forward to the rest to be honest.


Onwards and upwards 🙂


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