Self discipline without clouded judgment ..

Before committing to a year off drinking, I was worried that I didn’t have it in me. I was worried that I would fold and show the world my weakness of character and mind.

Now I know that I’m only in February! But I am getting stronger and stronger with it. And I still haven’t touched a drop of alcohol.

One benefit of not drinking that I didn’t expect was the improvement in self discipline I’ve felt. Not just with drinking, but with most things that I used to just crumble at.

Take for example chocolate/sugar.

Ruth got me some chocolates for Valentine’s Day. (Oooooh). And I actually managed to spread them over 3 days and keep them in the fridge. A feat I had NEVER done before!

Or, Going to the gym in the mornings before work. Sticking at it. I’d normally do it for a week or so and then stay in bed longer and longer.

Or, blogging every single day (more or less). Again sticking at it.

I feel like my resolve is getting stronger and I know that if I want it and I commit it to myself I can and will do it.

I feel I’ve always had this strength of mind, but alcohol has clouded it. And for me it’s just another benefit of staying off the drink.

By taking on my biggest demon, I’ve freed up my mind to focus on things in a clearer way than ever before. I feel like a kid at Christmas about to choose his Xmas list in the expectation that it will manifest.

I just need to choose wisely now.


Onwards and Upwards 🙂


2 thoughts on “Self discipline without clouded judgment ..

  1. Mate, booze isn’t the problem here. I’ve tried to give it up before but the underlying problems persist. What else us going on in your life? Talk to me.

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