Failing = success

I love failing

Failing is a milestone on the ladder to success.

Obviously it’s not the failing that is positive. But the lessons you learn from failing.

Thomas Edison famously had 1000 failed attempts to invent the lightbulb, A reporter once asked him the question, ‘how did it feel to fail 1000 times, before the invention?’ To which Edison replied ‘I have not failed, I have purely succeeded to prove 1000 ways in which the light bulb does NOT work!’Β 

Genius and empowering perspective.

I ‘failed’ this weekend. In my attempt to start a Sunday bootcamp, I had everything ready, all the stations set out, the music geared up, pumped, ready. And no one came. No show! Hmmmf. I could have quite easily gone into my shell and thought ‘oh well’, it’s not for me. But I got excited, I learned a few lessons, my marketing needs more energy, I need to fix people into paying up front so that I can’t be let down. I did the circuit myself and learned what worked and what didn’t, and how intense the circuit was!

At least now when I do improve on the things that I’ve learned, I will be more prepared and more empathetic!

Im glad it failed.

I think failure is there to test us, test our resolve, to see if we really want it, or it’s just a fad.

The only real failure is giving up.

If we gave up at our first few attempts at walking as babies, none of us would walk. We can learn a lot about perserverence and endeavour from babies.

See, we all have it. We’ve all come this far in life, we walk, talk, write, love. None of this just happened. We have to work at it. Get knocked down, get back up, knocked down, back up, knocked down, back up. Eventually we are where we want to be.

So I’m posting this to show gratitude for failing, I’m grateful for failures. As long as we keep learning the lessons from our failures we can never let them keep us down.


Onwards and upwards πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Failing = success

  1. amazing post. Most people dont realize that there failures were teachings on how to do things later. We always give up too early and never try again. What they miss is how much smarter they are the second time.

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