Problems evaporated.

She’s been saying it since she met me,

That the problems are my own doing,

I blamed her attitude


She drove me to drink, just like the one before

and the one before that

I’d rather live in solitude.


How dare she judge me!

Does she think she’s perfect!?

Stupid bitch


But with hindsight maybe she was right

maybe I have gone over the top

Another glitch


But how can I change? It’s her or the drink.

have you heard yourself!?



A practicing preacher, a gobshite

You think it’s no problem



Well it’s coming to a head now.

The time has come

have you got it in you!?


To break free from the mould.

To just stop the rot

To join the few.


Is she worth it? Is he worth it?

you know the answer inside.

now is the time.


If you’re going to do it do it proper

Its a big deal to some

now time to shine.


Love has won here

its melted the habit.

We’re stronger


Life has never been better

alcohol is a burden

no longer 🙂

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