Drunk off Milkshake!

Another weekend has gone by, another one alcohol free 🙂

However i’m getting tied up a bit i think.

I thought that the year was about being alcohol free, but its turning out not to be enough. I’m looking for peak health.

I’ve been following a steady exercise plan, exercising in the morning before work, due to the challenges and constraints of being a new father. I’ve been eating fairly well, a balanced diet i would say. And just recently ‘sugar’ has been the hot topic.

I’ve been obsessed with sugar and massively cut down my ‘added sugars’ after watching That Sugar Film .I’ve been scouring the nutritional information labels like a madman, glancing for that one item, of which sugars. I’ve been amazed to differentiate between ‘healthy foods’ and not healthy. All the foods that say ‘low fat, or fat free’ generally are full of sugar! Fat is not the enemy, sugar is.

Fat’s are worth paying attention to, the majority of us don’t get enough good fats in our foods. And take on more ‘bad fats’ than they should. But i’m finding that when i just focus on reducing the sugar content of food, a naturally balanced, varied and healthy diet unfolds anyway.

I’ll come back to Fats on a future blog.

Anyway, as i was saying, I’ve been giving reducing sugar some focus over the last two weeks. I’ve noticed quite a few things happening. I’ve noticed that my headaches have been getting less and less, my moods generally being positive, and consistent and my hunger diminishing.

I noticed that in the first couple of days my headaches were quite severe, and my energy was up and down. I also felt ratty and mentally foggy. It started to clear after about 4/5 days.


Yesterday was date night. I hadn’t been out with Ruth for so long, long before Harrison was born and my parents were more than willing to babysit. So we went out and I wasn’t about to hold back with food. My little sugar demon went mental! I must have had about 20 teaspoons worth of sugar in my meal alone, then we hit desert.

I settled on a ‘billionaire milkshake’, stuffed with cream, ferrero roches, caramel, maltesers etc….. Sounds good doesn’t it!? It was. But it was also torture. I was so full from the main meal, but i just had to have that shake. It was literally hurting my belly with every sip, but it tasted so good. I was such a glutton!

I felt like i could pop.

But not only that, after the initial surge of glorious satisfaction, which lasted about 4 minutes. I felt so tired!, I felt like i was a bit tipsy, slightly dizzy, and inflamed, my tongue felt fuzzy and swollen and I just needed to sit down. I stayed tired for the rest of the evening, I actually felt like i was going to crash into sleep at any point, until i actually got to bed! and then i just couldn’t sleep… I must had had about 3 hours quality sleep all in all. I just could not settle. I woke up in a foul mood in the morning, with a croaky voice and a headache. I felt hungover!

I think because I’ve been ‘off sugar’, for a week or so, my senses have been heightened towards its affects.

Granted, I binged on sugar, but still… was it worth it? Partly yes. But in my pursuit of health, No.

I’m not suggesting to anybody that they just STOP eating sugar right away. But i do suggest that if you’re reading this you just have a little think about how much you’re taking it in. Cast your eye over the food labels and see which foods they are sneaking it into. And just monitor how you feel before and after having a little ‘sugar binge’. We all do it!

I put myself through a bit of a punishing session at the gym this morning. Suddenly everything was rosy again. Funny that!


Onwards and Upwards 🙂

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