A strong urge for a beer!

A strong urge today/this evening.

I don’t know what it is but tonight is the strongest urge I’ve had just to get a bottle of wine and have a few glasses at home, or go out and have 4 or 8 pints. Even looking at this blog pic is getting me thirsty.

I’ve felt a bit lethargic most of the day. Mainly since breakfast. And this evening I feel tired, a bit irritable and really just fancy a beer. Weird how I fancy a beer when I’m feeling tired and irritable 🤔

I’m wondering if it’s this sneaky sugar demon playing games with my mind.

I’ve cut right back on sugar this week, even more so than last week. I’ve had no added sugar in anything all week. Apart from some gorgeous valentines chocolates that I proudly managed to conjure up the self discipline to spread over 3 days as small after dinner treats .

My moods have been good but inconsistent, but my energy has ranged from feeling like I’ve got flubber inside me and I want to run, to slightly more motivated than a sloth.

The thing is with cutting out sugar, I’ve felt like I’ve had a free reign to eat as much of everything else as I want, and I probably can. But this morning at the ‘all you can eat’ breakfast buffet place, I may have gone too far!

Debilitated by meat.

So maybe it’s that. Maybe it’s because I feel that I’ve done a full week off sugar, I’ve earned a drink subconsciously.

Or maybe the devious little sugar demon it’s trying all it can to get some sugar in and it’s been so successful in the past with alcohol that it’s swinging it’s attention towards that?

Either way.

Strong urge.

I also have an urge to binge on sugar. I could eat a chocolate bar the size of an iPad. I have An urge to ‘just let go’ and ‘treat myself’.

Yeah treat myself to a guilt invested sugar coma. 

What I have learned this year about these urges that when they pass, there is a bountiful happiness and energy waiting on the other side, where you just feel blissful, grateful, stronger and happier.

I think I’ll focus on that.

Drink more water.

And get an early night.

Rock and roll!


Onwards and upwards 🙂

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