What is Health and Wellness??

Health and wellness.

What is health?

How do you measure health?

And wellness?

How do you measure that?

When you think about it they both appear to be very abstract matters. Gauged by opinions and feelings rather than stats.

I mean, you can look at somebody and get an impression of how healthy they are. But what are the parameters that we are judging from?

Fitness can be measured. You can measure a persons resting heart rate, VO2 max, BMI etc… You can gauge the starting fitness of the person and then put them through a training programme and track improvements in key stats.

But health and wellness?

I believe that ‘health’, would come down to a combination of measurements to form a picture of the health of the individual. Measurements like waist measurement, blood pressure, liver function tests etc.

These sort of measurements are indicators of disease likelihoods, but not guarantees. The human body is too complex to give guarantees. However, they are strong indicators depending on how extreme the readings may be.

However, where I struggle to really nail down, what ‘health’ is, is the fact that a person may have good results in all of these markers. Yet still fall very ill.

This leads me to conclude that health is about likelihoods. Eating healthy foods, following a healthy lifestyle helps to increase the odds of health. But doesn’t guarantee it?

Health is the opposite of disease.

Wellness on the other hand is such a broad term. And again, all very relative. ‘Are you well?’ ….. ‘Well I’m not Ill!’

I believe that wellness is really down to how a person feels in themselves. Are they feeling mentally well, physically well? again, it’s relative to experience.

I thought I was ‘well’ at times in the past, but it’s only now I feel so much better for not drinking, that I realise that my scale of wellness has increased. And now if I go back to drinking, I’ll realise that I’m not well, because I know there is a level above the hazy state of wellness I was judging myself on.

So wellness is down to opinion. In my opinion.

Health and wellness vary because you could have a person that shows unhealthy stats, waist line over the normal healthy range, higher than normal blood pressure etc. That feels great in themselves. Because their starting point was far worse.. and where they are now is a huge improvement in health and wellness.

More research required!

I’m just trying to gather my own thoughts here about health and wellness. And I’m not even convinced that my thoughts on the matter are fully accurate. More research required for me..

If you have any points to add or thoughts on what health and wellness actually mean to you. I’d look forward to hearing from you…


Onwards and Upwards 🙂



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