A gamechanger of a film – what would life be like without sugar!?

That Sugar Film! That Sugar Film



Ive started this year in the bid to go alcohol free for the whole year. But what’s interesting to me is after having stripped away alcohol and seeing what is left, a number of things are coming up.

The most prominent one is sugar. My/our relationships with sugar. It’s mindless.

I don’t say the word mindless lightly either. I eat cookies, sweets, milkshakes etc without even thinking about it.

Most of us are probably aware that too much sugar is not good for you. It’s been drilled into us by dentists since we were kids. But when you realise just HOW MUCH it is negatively affecting our health, it’s really quite shocking.

It affects our:

  • Mood – due to spikes and troughs in insulin/sugar levels and the various chemicals released by our bodies and brains to try to regulate itself.
  • Brain – The dopamine hit and causing a chemical shitstorm in our brain and is more addictive than cocaine.
  • Skin – pimples, rashes, wrinkles as the skin looses its elasticity.
  • Joints – Huge spikes in unregulated insulin causes a surge of inflammation throughout the body. The sugar leaves an acidic ash on the joints which leads to gout and other serious body pains.
  • The liver – The spikes in sugar, affect the livers ability to regulate insulin. This impairment is a pathway to type 2 diabetes. Also the compounding of liver fat and increase in enzyme ALT.
  • The heart – insulin/ sugar irregularities clog up arteries leading to heart diseases.

I’m not a doctor or a physician, but I don’t need to be to realise that excessive sugar, quite simply… fucks us up. 

Whilst watching the film That Sugar Film I thought to myself, but I’m ok, I don’t eat that much sugar. I was wrong!

Its everywhere, it’s in 80% of the supermarket. It’s in beans, tomato sauce, cereal, ‘healthy shakes’ etc etc etc I was shocked to learn that quite a lot of the foods that I considered ‘healthy’ are saturated with sugar..

And I wonder why I have a belly that won’t go anywhere, Am irritable and constantly hearing my joints clicked and creaking!

I have just been out for my weekly work shop and have just had to change my ‘healthy, seeded batch’ bread. Cos there was 1 teaspoon full of sugar per slice!

Its truly shifted the paradigm of health and nutrition for me. I don’t intend on doing a whole year ‘sugar free’ or anything radical, it’s impossible. But I will be paying a lot closer attention to the sugar content of foods and eating my ‘treats’ in moderation.

If you haven’t watched the film already. I don’t know if you’ve gathered already but I highly recommend it.

Be prepared to take a concious leap forward.

I don’t think I could do it justice and explain how powerful this awareness is. Give it a watch. Heres a link again to it. . That Sugar Film

Its turning out that the year off alcohol, just isn’t enough 😉


Onwards and Upwards 🙂

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