Good day paintballing today. 

First time I’ve been out this year with the ‘lads’.

Good to do something other than drinking together.

Although, I’m sure it must be a form of a neurological association, because even at 8am driving to pick mates up, I thought about having a beer. And after the day was done. It came back. A strong urge.

But ive grown the awareness now to know that it is just a wave. And it would pass. And it did.

The day paintballing was fantastic.

It was so cold, couldn’t feel my toes when gearing up and during the first game, and I wondered what I was doing. But once we got in the swing of it we soon warmed up.

I wondered how many calories I burned during the day.?

6 games of about 30 minutes each. In the cold. Being out in the cold and active for 7 hours in total.

I’m gonna guess upwards of 1000. It certainly feels like it.

I feel like I’ve just ran a marathon, and been shot a few times in the process. . .

We commented on the cost, and it is expensive, but I always find it interesting that we would happily pay £80 for a night out drinking but show reluctance when it comes to outdoors, exercising, having fun, shooting the crap out of people 🙂

A point we all agreed on. And justified the expense in our heads..

It’s refreshing to meet up with everyone and prove to ourselves that alcohol doesn’t need to be involved . And we can still have a good time.


Onwards and Upwards 🙂

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