Blog about blogging. :)

How good is blogging!?

When I started this beer free year I thought ‘I need an outlet, an anonymous audience to share my thoughts with’. I didn’t realise that that outlet, blogging, would turn out to be such a powerful recovery tool!

Its an online journal of accountability that allows you to inspire others, inspire yourself, get honest with yourself, process your thoughts, be authentic and be creative.

Its inspiring to read other people’s blogs from all over the world and to realise that whatever challenges we may be facing in life, somebody out there is going through the same thing, or has come out the other side.

To me, Blogging displays the universal oneness and individual separateness that describes the beautiful paradox of humanity.

It gives the writer the freedom to express things that cannot normally be expressed, in a way that makes us feel heard, yet maintaining a comfortable anonymity.

I find myself thinking of blogging topics in advance. Though some days I may not be feeling the vibe, once I start blurting things out and my thumb (blogging off the iPhone) starts moving, and my mind starts moving with it. Often making me feel better afterwards.

I thought I wanted to share all I know about health, wellness, fitness, spirituality, positive thinking meditation etc… and I will. But I’ve realised that I may not ‘know’ as much as I thought. See, I think once you come to write things down, you search your mind and filter out the crap.

Blogging is like stripping away the mental fat and seeing how much mental muscle is actually left.

I’ve got a lot to learn, and that’s as exciting as it is humbling.

It may not be for everyone, sometimes things just show up in life at the time that the person is ready for them. And I’m grateful that I’m now ‘ready’ for something I wasn’t even aware of fully 6 weeks ago.

I hope that over time I can inspire some readers. I hope at some point my sense of humour shows up and appears in my writing, I hope to remain inspired each day to just ‘start writing’ about something.

This year was supposed to be the beer free year. And it is, in a way discovering blogging has been my reward so far 🙂


Onwards and upwards 🙂

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