Why am I cutting out sugar!?

Day 3 No sugar.

It feels like I’m fasting!

Day 1 was hard. I felt hungry, all day. No matter what I ate, I couldn’t quell the hunger.

Day 2 was ok. I felt better, just a bit tired, and kept thinking about cookies and chocolate bars at random times.

Day 3 I’ve felt fine, just having waves of desire for ‘a treat’. I found myself buying (and eating) a block of Stilton cheese during at dinner time. I just felt like I needed a ‘vice’ and I was restricting myself from sugar so cheese would do.

I don’t actually know in detail why I’m trying to control my sugar intake. I haven’t defined my ‘why’. I haven’t really identified any definite negative traits with it, like alcohol. I don’t have a couple of mars bars and then start dancing naked around the newsagents or anything untowards. But there is a lot of advice out there about cutting down and the negative long term effects of excessive sugar intake.

Health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc are all linked to our sugar intakes. And I am aiming for optimum health this year.

I’ve stripped away the alcohol this year to see what is left and I’ve recognised that I eat quite a lot of chocolate, cookies, icecream. Etc. It’s like a little treat, but actually I believe it’s playing havoc with my mood and my energy levels. I’m up and down. Peaking and troughing. I’m aiming for consistency though.

I’m still suffering from minor headaches and tinnitus. I have a ‘feeling’ that the amount of sugar I eat has ‘something‘ to do with that.

I also believe that my body fat percentage is greatly affected by my sugar intake. Again, these aren’t facts, just educated assumptions.

So to summarise, I guess it’s just an experiment. I’m assuming and hoping that I will feel better, I think I will look better, I feel like my headaches will minimise further, I feel my weight will improve, I feel I will gain more awareness of my sugar intake and tendancies for sugary foods. I feel like it will help my consciousness expand just a little bit further.

And all of those add up to pretty compelling reasons to carry on.

To be honest I’ve probably just talked myself into carrying on, and discovered my ‘why!’


Onwards and upwards 🙂

5 thoughts on “Why am I cutting out sugar!?

  1. I am on about day 8 of a sugar-free spree because I cannot concentrate when I eat sugar. It took me years to make the connection however. If you want some reinforcement, I highly recommend watching this documentary: That Sugar Film. It’s funny and it’s will completely change your mind about sugar.
    Good luck! 💕

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