What motivates you to get out of bed?

What is motivation? 

It is the reason why we do something. And the bigger the reason why, the more compelling the reason why, the bigger the energy. Yet I don’t think this is the whole story.

I’ve spoken in previous blogs about the daily grind, and how this is the place where the battle is won or lost. Well this is true, but deeper than that, the battle is won or lost at the moment of overcoming inertia. . And that’s where motivation comes in.

Its the internal dialogue you have with yourself when you wake up at 0530 on a cold Tuesday morning. Your motivation is the fuel, the why, that you choose to get out of bed and put on your running trainers or or gym gear instead of pulling the quilt over your head. THATS WHERE THE BATTLE IS WON.

Thats where the day is set.

Thats where you need your motivation the most.

In the hardest times, when doubt creeps in. If your vision for the future is compelling enough to win the internal dialogue. Then that first action will carry you forward. You will put on your gym shoes, you will warm up even if you don’t feel like it, you will get into the groove soon enough, and once you have the momentum, once you have the flow then you will be grateful that you made that decision this morning.

Remember that gratitude. Remember that feeling. Next time you are stuck in inertia, and needing that motivation, call on that gratitude. Thank yourself in ‘that moment’ in advance. Thank yourself for the mental fortitude to rise up and take the day on. Great things are about to happen, get excited!!!

All of these things become easier. As the fortitude adds onto fortitude. Experience builds on experience. And gratitude builds on gratitude. The hardest place is starting. That needs the why.

So clarify your vision, have your why ready in advance. Because all best intentions  set in the evening, are guaranteed to be challenged in the morning.


This momentum cannot build when binge drinking is involved. Drinking alcohol disrupts all avenues of flow. Physically, mentally, spiritually. It puts you back to square one. And that’s a very difficult place to get out of. I was stuck in that cycle for years and years. Looking back (only 6weeks into it) i can see how trapped I was. And how quitting drinking completely, gives you so much more than it takes away. It may sound daunting to do. But not as daunting as spending the rest of your life as a shadow.

Find your motivation if you can, appreciate it, use it, build on it, share it, grow with it. Feel the benefits. 🙂


Onwards and upwards! 🙂

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