Goals for the week…

A short one today.

Achievements last week:

– excercised 3 times

– helped and supported a freind for the day, crewing on an event that he hosted.

– decided to try to make a career switch into health and wellness.!


Goals for the week commencing:

– Sort life insurance

– exercise 4 times minimum.

– stay off sugar for 4 days minimum.

– design a circuit for a boot camp and produce flyers to advertise for a set date.

– start health coaching free class, enquire into start dates for course.

– Be more considerate to my girlfreind. (Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the most important things in life).

– Have at least 1 complaint free day!


What are your goals for the week!?


Onwards and upwards 🙂


2 thoughts on “Goals for the week…

  1. Complaint free day! Now that is a worthy goal. Complaining has become a default setting for me, and IT MUST STOP! Here’s a great quote: Don’t complain about anything to anyone, no even to yourself.(Can’t remember who said it, but it’s great.)


  2. Yep. It’s so easy to get dragged into complaining or talking negative about situations or people. Not good for the soul. (Even that sounds like a complaint!) I tried today, but caught myself complaining a few times. Better luck tomorrow 🙂


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