Lightbulb moment!


Had a lightbulb moment yesterday! I guess its another reward for knocking the beer on the head.

I took a day off work on Thursday to support and help out a good friend that was hosting an event in Blackburn, England. It was a ROGER HAMILTON event. Roger is a leader of the social entrepreneur movement. He is globally known for his wealth dynamics spectrum test, a cutting edge psychometric test for entrepreneurs and businesses.


Roger talks about finding ‘flow’ through working within your natural strengths, as discovered through his test. And i realised that i’m not in flow in my job at all, in fact i’m out of flow so often it tires me out!

I work as a construction site manager. But spend my spare time blogging, talking about and learning about health and wellness!. I think my spare time activities are a big indicator as to what my passion is! I love learning more about health and fitness and wellness and happiness. I only have to have a look at my book shelf to recognise what I’m passionate about.

Even when i was in the royal engineers in the army, trained as a land surveyor. My career ended up with me working a a rehabilitation physical training instructor! I worked as a PTI for about 4 years. Yet went back into construction when i left… always exercising and talking about it.

I feel like such a fool.

But its just another indicator of the haze that we stay in when we binge drink every wknd.

In addition to the ‘haze’, I guess there must have been a subconscious barrier also holding me back. A little mental troll saying to me, ‘How can you ever consider yourself healthy, or a health professional, when you drink alcohol every single weekend, go and work where people drink like you do!’….. This year is all about letting go of that troll!

So, the decision was made on Thursday, I need to transit my career steadily and smoothly and build up enough income to take a supported ‘leap of faith out of construction and into health and wellness.

Then comes the remarkable thing! The higher self stepped in again the very next morning……..

I was in the gym at 0545 the next day. and i got into a conversation with Steve, the gym owner. I mentioned my realisation and he said, ‘funnily enough i had you in mind, i have an opportunity for you’. He basically offered me a role running a boot camp for young professional footballers that need a fitness class that’s different to playing football. Perfect for me! Also, the chance to use the gym and run a boot camp on Sundays. I couldn’t believe it!

By 0700 the morning after making the decision, i had potentially secured 2 boot camps!!

Talk about the law of attraction in action!

So now i feel excited! I feel like i’m finally forming a vision that fits my purpose. It’s very early days yet but It just ‘feels’ right!

AGAIN, its ANOTHER step/leap forward that I’m 100% sure i wouldn’t be making if it wasn’t for quitting drinking!

Alcohol has been like shackles to me in my life in so many ways. Its only now that the shackles are off that life is beginning to unfold.

Onwards and upwards! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lightbulb moment!

  1. Interesting and very positive. Maybe it takes giving up a personal vice to realise where you are in your career and where you want to be. Inspiring stuff and has certainly given me something to think about.

    Liked by 1 person

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